Noble Bay Equities provides service to the United States Postal Service. Our main purpose is Contract Delivery Service Routes. These contracts deliver mail just like a Rural Carrier does for the postal service. The Postal Service contracts out about 11,000 mail routes to the private world. Many are contracted to individuals while some are to businesses like ours. We have over 50 contracts with the Postal Service to deliver US Mail. We service approximately 12,500 customers and focus mainly in rural America.

We provide delivery of mail, magazines, packages and other specialized products offered by the USPS. Certified letters, Express Deliveries, Priority Mail, along with stamps and pickups. All of our employees use USPS provided scanners to ensure state of the art information transmitted through the internet and beyond. Employees may use one of our company vehicles or we pay to lease and use the employee’s personal vehicle. Each contract is based on its needs and the needs of the employee.

We also have contracts that move mail from post office to post office. This is typically done in larger box trucks and early mornings and evenings. We move large containers of mail, packages. Flats, magazines etc. to the post office so that it can be sorted and delivered by carriers’ In some cases we have two different types of contracts in the same post office.

Our main objective is to deliver the mail seamlessly and have our postmasters happy. This requires excellent customer service along with consistent delivery times and free form errors. We have been in business delivering and moving mail since 2008. Our people live and love the small towns they are working in for the most part. Whether they were born there or moved there for family they have chosen their homes. Our company provides steady work year round to typically supplement a family income. Many of our contracts allow the flexibility for a parent to start later and get kids to school and/or start early and finish early to pick them up from school. Most of the time we hire a route manager/employee that has the flexibility to work 6 days a week or share the job with someone. Sometimes its a husband and wife that shares it, sometimes a relative outside of the household, and sometimes just friends share the job and steady income. As a leader of the contract you feel the pride of delivering the mail when there is weather that may slow you, late volume or whatever the curveball might be.

We have also had contracts working with Fed Ex Ground and Home Delivery. The transportation industry and delivering is our expertise and focus. In addition to Fed Ex we are seeking opportunities with Amazon in some of our locations with multiple employees. We will capitalize on the fact that we are in the area. If we run the mile sometimes it makes sense to deliver everyone’s parcels if we drive right by. While the big players in the industry do this with the post office, dumping the last mile on rural USPS, we like the approach and are looking to maximize our assets and people to allow God to grow our business smartly.