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This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. has rural mail routes available nationwide. From the fruited plains of the Llano Estacado to the Hill Country, the Piney Woods to the grandeur of Big Ben, or the desert Southwest to the Gulf Shore, there are a multitude of routes in Texas. From the Panhandle of Texas to the Panhandle of Florida, the beautiful country roads of West Virginia to the red clay of Oklahoma, and the Historic countryside of the once colonial Pennsylvania, to the majesty of the Northwest of Oregon, is running.  The Big Skies cover the plains South Dakota to the “Land of Enchantment” that is New Mexico, The Ragin’ Cajuns of Louisiana to the beaches of Alabama, and the Delta of Mississippi to the Blue Grass of Kentucky, GPC is serving on-time, efficiently, and with a driver that is fast, friendly, and faithful. The good news is that GPC is expanding each quarter.

 While GPC oversees the route, the day-to-day operational duties belong to the Primary Carrier. Primary drivers run routes six days a week on average; although, Amazon heavy routes may require four to six Sundays during “peak season.” Shifts are as small as 1.5 hours to as large as 8 hours per day. Primary drivers are responsible for the coverage of their route. Every Primary needs a backup who works at least four days per month.  Some Primaries split their routes 50/50, each running three days a week. Regardless of how its done, if you miss work it is your responsibility to cover the route. Sick? Call your backup. Going out of town? Call your backup. Realize this works both ways. As the Primary Carrier, if the Backup fails to show then you are a go. The mail must go!

Note: employees are referred to drivers, carriers, team members, and employees. The term driver is used as all routes involve the use of vehicles. Primary and Backup refer to the role served on the route. Carrier is a USPS term that is an abbreviation for mail carrier, which is your function. refers to the partners, managers, supervisors, carriers, and staff inclusively as team members, as it takes a team to operate effectively from coast to coast. Know that regardless of your role at GPC you are an integral part of the team. We are dedicated to the time-honored tradition of American Pride in maintaining the running of the mail. Starting in the 13 Colonies in the 1700’s the US Mail System has served Americans faithfully regardless of the situations. No matter what is happening in the economy, politics, or weather, the mail is expected. It is the driver’s responsibility to deliver the mail each and every day, on time and correctly. The driver and back up driver or the boots on the ground. With routing 15 states there are reinforcements to be shipped in at a moment’s notice.

Customers depend upon their mail carrier each day. With the addition of Amazon packaging that reliance on the carrier has increased. Whether it be a gift or life-saving medicine it is up to the carrier to make the delivery. With this responsibility in mind, it is critical that a backup driver be secured and contingency plans are in place for illness, bad weather, and any other situation that might impede delivery. Planning is the key to success in crisis. Be proactive instead of reactive. Preparation today will allow for productivity tomorrow. Communication is key in crisis situations.

The great news is that one of our supervisors or superstar drivers will train you to do the job. We have found that on-the-job training is the most effective and efficient form of training. The training pace is determined by your production. It is also incentive based, as you start at state minimum wage and when you pass the productivity efficiency standards the wage goes up to the contract standard rate. For example, one might start at $7.62 an hour training and jump to $22.23 an hour ($17.61 an hour salary plus $4.68 an hour stipend to support health and welfare). Base wages are set by the USPS by individual route contract and state. GPC is a proponent of merit-based pay and advancement.

Being a part-time male carrier is the perfect job for those hustling entrepreneurs, college students, and single parents. Deliver the mail in the morning and work the side hustle in the afternoon and evening. Have a steady income while you work the side hustle and grow the business. Take online classes are scheduled afternoon and evening classes while you work in the mornings. I schedule each day it makes it easier to schedule classes and study time. Being a rule military is also a great job for for a parent looking for a part-time job to do while the kids are in school. Part-time or completed, in most cases, and time for you to pick the kids up from school. With the addition of a backup driver one can be present for the weekend soccer games, music recitals, and another fun events with the family.

The smallest route in the portfolio is less than six miles per day and the largest is near 200 miles per day. Each contract’s driving experience is unique. The lush evergreens of the mountains in Oregon provide a beautiful view year-round. Contrast the gentle curves and view in Oregon with the wide-open spaces, straight-forward roadways, and big skies of South Dakota. Two very different environments with the same mission, deliver the mail. From the Northeastern roadways of Pennsylvania to the beaches of Florida across the Deep South to the prairie lands of the Llano Estacado in Texas, God has provided variety and beauty in every corner of America.

From the ranch roads of Oklahoma to the mountains of New Mexico, some routes require either Four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive vehicles, while the urban routes are two-wheel drive. Another consideration is whether a Left- or Right-hand drive is needed. Right-hand drive vehicles are required for the majority of routes. Employee and company vehicles are modified with an after-market kit that allows the vehicle to be driven from either side. Driving to the grocery store, drive on the driver’s side of the vehicle. Slide in the right side of the vehicle when delivering the mail.

Apply today and see the benefits of driving for is looking for self-motivated individuals to step up and take the responsibility to do their job. Be on time not only to start the day but to finish it. The more efficient one becomes, the less time one works. The time allocated for a route is timed for the average mail carrier. Be above average! Tracy’s route is 6 hours per day with a pay rate of $25.00 per hour. She earns $150.00 per day. Six months later she is running the route in 5 hours. She now makes $125.00 a day, right? That is incorrect. GPC still pays $150.00 per day. Effectively, her pay is now $30.00 an hour as she is successfully performing the job and going home an hour early. A good work ethic pays off, not only for you but for all involved, GPC, the USPS, and most importantly, the people who rely on you for their mail. may have one employee in a state and that could be you. The self—motivated and responsible driver will find a backup driver, work out a schedule, and have contingency plans for illness, vehicle issues, and the like. Proactive organization and problem-solving prevent a great deal of stress, worry, and panic in a crisis. Whether it is a sick kiddo, a faulty starter, or Nana wants to see the grandkids next Saturday, the organized driver already has a plan in place to handle these situations. Life is much more manageable when one has a backup driver and plans are in place.

The primary driver is responsible for finding a backup driver. They must meet the same standards as a primary driver. For more information talk with your supervisor.

We hear the term good work ethic repeatedly, but we rarely hear what it requires. First, attitude is a hallmark of the of a good worker. Work is enjoyable for them based on their positive perspective. Instead of dreading work, viewing it as punishment, or as futile, work is viewed as desirable, with gratitude, and embraced as having a purpose. A good work ethic is demonstrated by a person who has a very agreeable personality. They naturally de-escalate conflict, bring a sense of peace to a room, and typically are pleasant, if not joyful with which to work. An attitude of gratitude, mixed with a sense of contentment, is a recipe for success for those seeking to upgrade their work ethic.

Second, a person with a good work ethic works with energy, efficiency, and excellence. Rarely does one find these folks dragging or sucking down energy drinks. Their positive attitude and demeanor allow them to work quicker than the grumpy employee. Efficiency seems to come easy to these folks as their focus is on the job and not twisting in their heads. Their organization and purposeful actions allow them to flow, instead of fumble through the job. Their goal is far from doing the bare minimum to get by, in fact, they strive for excellence in all they do. From their dress to vehicle maintenance, they exude excellence. The recipe for change is sleep, eating well, and focusing on the task at hand. Energy, efficiency, and excellence are not limited to a few people, they are a result of practice and perseverance.

Third, a good work ethic involves promptness, honesty, and integrity. The person with a good work ethic is not on time, they are early. They live by the motto “To be early is to be on time, to be on time is to be late, and to be late is unacceptable.” It is amazing the peace that comes with being early. Driving is more relaxed as one has time to deal with a tractor on the road or a slow driver on the highway. Starting early usually sets up an early completion. Honesty is more than a Billy Joel Classic! Honesty is a choice. Every time we open our mouths, we choose to either speak the truth or lie. “The truth will set you free” (John 8:32) does not mean there are no consequences, it means freedom from sin. It has also come to mean freedom from fear and shame, even though one must face the consequences of their actions. This leads to integrity. Doing the right thing when no one is watching is an applicable definition of integrity. Obviously, this is a critical character trait for Rural Mail Carriers.

Problem solving is one of the greatest assets one can bring to When issues arise problem solvers find opportunity instead of stumbling blocks. These people find joy in the challenges brought about by trials and tribulations of life. Rather then immediately calling for help the problem solver takes a systematic approach to at, the very least, attempt to face the issue. This a process consisting of inquiry.

  • Identify – what is the immediate problem?
  • Deliberate – Is this problem the core issue or is there something deeper?
  • Hypothesize – identify one or more possible solutions.
  • Predict – what are the possible consequences of each solution?
  • Act – implement the best solution.
  • Review – Did it work? Is it a permanent or temporary solution?
  • Confirm – If it is a permanent solution, move on with life. If not, seek a permanent solution.

Keep in mind confident and secure people ask others for help finding solutions. Weak and insecure people ask others to solve problems for them.

The better one knows the rules and regulations the easier one may find creative solutions to the occasional problem.

There are some non-negotiables in the GPC workplace, they are a clean driving record, a clean drug test, and a clean background check. United States Postal Regulations apply to all contractors and their employees. It is also required that one is prompt, professional, and proficient.