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Looking to add value and cash to yourself? Consider an immediate additional revenue stream without added workloads or hours. It sounds too good to be true; however, it is very much true. The process of getting paid to drive your own vehicle is a great way to add to your paycheck with very little additional effort. Need a right hand drive vehicle? We know a guy that can install a conversion kit on your current vehicle. Enjoy the comforts of your own car and boost your paycheck. In this video, we breakdown the “way it works.” If you have any questions, call your supervisor or give us a call.

Cory, in Gulf Shores, Alabama, discusses how (GPC) hired him in a time of need. From the initial learning curves to the daily challenges of running a route, Cory provides a very accessible plan for learning when facing the challenges of the “job.” His positive demeanor, cheerful personality, and work ethic have transformed Cory into one of the top employees in Alabama. Overflowing with gratitude and joy makes Cory easy to work with on a daily basis. Take two minutes and listen for the ups and downs of running a mail route, at least from a humble, kind, and joy filled mail carrier.

Tracey is one of’s top carriers! Located in a community of 3,500 in Central Texas, Tracey shares a vivid description of her route, along with a motivational method applicable to all delivery drivers. Is the jeep half full or half empty? For Tracey it is always full! Whether it is mail, packages, or gratitude, Tracey finds great satisfaction in her job. She finds joy in experiencing God’s creation each and everyday. She has the ability to observe and find beauty in the wildlife, vegetation, and people she encounters each day; while her pacing allows her to complete her route, the vast majority of days, in less than her allotted time. Listen for Tracey’s positive method of measuring her progress and staying motivated each day. From her pleasant smile to her upbeat personality it will take less than two minutes to see why she is so efficient and proficient at her job. Tracey is not just an exemplary carrier, she is one of GPC’s role model employees.

Mo, in Gulf Shores, Alabama, is one of GPC’s last hires in 2023. She lays out the challenges of starting during the peak of Amazon and USPS packages being delivered for Christmas. She faces her challenges head-on. Starting at the heaviest delivery season of the Mo took it as a obtainable challenge rather than stumbling blocks to complain about while making excuses and letting herself be overwhelmed. Mo’s gentle, yet secure voice, provides a conduit for encouragement to all who listen as she shares her experiences working for GPC! If you are fearful starting new projects, looking for an honest days WORK, or seeking to advance in the company, Mo offers a very practical narrative of how to work beyond the difficulties,.

Eddie Braidfoot discusses his experience as a (GPC) rural mail carrier. This five star employee discusses how he was hired, his ongoing tenure with the company, and provides an encouraging word for prospective employees. Shot onsite in Memphis, Texas, Eddie’s interview was a single take. His responses were quick and articulate as he shared from the heart. One can hear Eddie’s satisfaction with’s Noble Bay Equities division in his tone prior to his statement of endorsement.

Rural Mail Carrier

Noble Bay Equities. LLC

Noble Bay Equities – is contractor for the United States Postal Service. HCR – (Highway Contract Route). We will deliver your mail and packages. We have routes throughout the United States located in Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, South Dakota and Wyoming. With our team of mail carriers and managers, we are trusted to deliver exceptional customer service. Our goal is to make our customers feel like family. We recognize the importance of being available to our customers, which is why we provide multiple avenues to reach out to us.

*Contact Information*

– Noble Bay Equities – (251) 978-9588
– Melanie Duncan – (541) 659-5905
– Andrew Cunningham – (251) 978-9588

At Noble Bay Equities we understand communication is extremely important. Feel free to contact us directly through the numbers we have provided. We will assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. Melanie and Andy are available to provide you with the guidance needed regarding employment opportunities and your career goals. We are always expanding, and opportunities are always available. We look forward to hearing from you. By chance we miss you, please leave a message and we will return your call within twenty four hours via our policy.

* Please feel free to email us at

Email remains a powerful tool for communication. If writing is your preferred way of communication, this is a perfect tool for you, emailing documents, files, detailed inquires, pictures and much more. Our team at Noble Bay Equities will respond to you promptly to ensure your questions or concerns are answered and your needs are being met.

1268 Pop Noah RD
Collinsville, TX 76233

Our main office is located in the beautiful town of Collinsville Texas, located in Grayson County a little town outside of Dallas Fort Worth home of the Dallas Mavericks, Dallas Stars, Texas Rangers and yours and Americas team, The Dallas Cowboys.


On our website you may leave a review, tell us how our mail carriers are taking care of you, we appreciate the feedback and look forward to hearing from you, hear our team members’ own testimonies and enjoy our pictures. We post positions that are becoming available on our website. This is where you will find onboard paperwork such as 2025 form (Contract Personnel Question Application) also available W4 form (Employees Withholding Certificate) a Direct Deposit Authorization Form and then we will need a copy of your Driver’s License. Our website has made it convenient to return all necessary paperwork as you start your application process to become an asset to our company.

At Noble Bay Equities we provide service for the United States Postal Service. We understand the importance of the mail as it never stops. We have over 60 Highway Contracted Routes, serving over 12,500 customers throughout the United States. Our carriers deliver mail six days a week and take pride in delivering every piece of mail including packages ensuring exceptional customer service. Rain, sleet, snow, heat and even through the pandemic our carriers deliver the mail.

Who should contact us? Anyone inquiring about a career opportunity with Noble Bay Equities. Our valued customers should contact Noble Bay Equities with any questions, comments, or concerns. We love to hear positive feedback about our carriers. Our managers are available by phone, email and through our website and in return within twenty-four hours will respond by phone call, email and or

If trying to reach Andy Cunningham, Managing Partner and CFO by phone (251) 978-9588 he is available Monday through Saturday 8am to 5pm. Central Time Zone.

If trying to reach Melanie Duncan, Managing Partner and HR by phone (541) 659-5905 she is available Monday through Saturday 8am to 5pm. Central Time Zone.

If trying to reach Noble Bay Equities by phone (251) 978-9588, Business Hours – Monday through Saturday 8am to 5pm. Central Time Zone.

If email is your preferred method of communication our email address is, which is available twenty four hours a day and will receive a response within twenty four hours from our managers, as they check the email throughout the day.

If trying to reach us through mail, Noble Bay Equities LLC at 1268 Pop Noah Rd. Collinsville, Texas 76233. Please allow seven to ten business days for your mail or documents to reach us and for us to respond.

If trying to reach us through our website, feel free to leave your comments, reviews and questions we will respond to your inquiry within twenty-four hours.

Remember when reaching out to Noble Bay Equities whether it be by phone, by email, or whether you prefer to reach out to us through our website please remember to leave your full name, phone number, your email along with the reason you are contacting us and the best way for us to contact you.

Business’ that expect to build a loyal following with average customer service better pay attention cause the truth of the matter is we cannot afford to ignore customers or potential team members. This why we have several avenues on how to contact us at Noble Bay Equities. Communication is key to our success. Customer service and communication goes a long way these days that is what sets Noble Bay Equities separate from the rest. We will go that extra mile for you. Managers at Noble Bay Equities are playing an active role in making sure our team members and customers have the tools necessary to ensure good communication.

At Noble Bay Equities our goal is to be able to give you every tool necessary to contact us. We hope you use one or all the tools we have provided for you. We look forward to all your phone calls, emails, letters and reviews. Noble Bay Equities, Melanie Duncan and Andrew Cunningham and our website at want to say thank you for taking an interest in our company and Have a Blessed Day.


Documents Needed for Applying

2025 Form


We are looking for those individuals who are self-starters, self-motivators, and those who don’t need that push to be successful in life. A type A-person who is able to come up with a solution rather than dwell on not being able to complete a task. There are multiple positions that we are looking for as we decide to expand which are a carrier, local supervisor, a traveling supervisor, and potential partners in our business.

Becoming a Carrier for Us.

The carrier position is the heart and soul of our company. They are the ones that go into work daily to ensure every customer that we serve gets the utmost quality of service that we can provide. They are the ones that deliver to our customers to ensure quality delivery and that they walk away happy at the end of every day. This position is the one that is six days a week and allows you to make the most bang for your buck. You have the ability to earn more per hour the more efficiently you perform your job. This is a spot where the day starts with you and ends with you. So if this is something that is interesting to you, then get ready to lace up those shoes so we can hit the ground running!


Becoming a Local Supervisor for Us.

The local supervisor is the one we look to so we can ensure that all of our contracts in an area are performed efficiently and successfully on a daily basis. As we look to grow in metro areas, we are looking to obtain multiple contracts in similar areas. With that, we are looking for someone who has the ability to run a contract on top of making sure that our other contracts in the same Post Office are executed as well. This is a supervisory position that has to deal with the management, training, and discipline (if needed) of others to ensure our brand continues to excel. If this local management position is something that you believe is something you can tackle, then let us know so we can get the ball rolling!


Becoming a Traveling Supervisor For Us.

The traveling supervisor is a keynote factor for our business. This position allows for the continuous growth in our company. We are looking for those dedicated individuals that don’t mind being on the road and seeing the country for us. This position entails traveling to new locations where we pick up new contracts, to establish rapport with the new postmasters, run the contract, evaluate new potential employees, hire, train, and ensure that they are able to perform the job to our company standards. This is a position that is constantly developing and is on the road 80-90% of the time. This position is not for the faint of heart. A candidate may be gone from anywhere from a week to a couple months to ensure that they are able to find the right person that meets our company standards to ensure our values are being met while performing service for us.


The Management Perspective.

Typically, our company looks to promote from within. This allows for our employees to potentially better their life and open new doors for their careers and families. Sometimes we may have to hire from the outside for a management position. The full time management position allows for potential partnership in our company. This means that through proven dedication and growth there can be a vote to allow for a manager to become a partner in our company. The benefits of becoming a partner in the company could range from stock options, bonuses, quarterly raises, and many other options. This position allows for the manager to have a voice in what happens within the company, where it could be advice on growth, finances, employees, and future revenue that could be brought into the company. We will look for a spot where you are not on the road to give you the ability to work from your home location. That being said, growth and multiple contract opportunities have to be present in that area. This will give you the ability to hire and train in the area that you are located in to give others the ability to enjoy a day off here and there.


The Wrap Up.

We have a variety of employees that work for us. The numerous contracts that we have allow us to employ all types of individuals who could be looking for part time work or full time work. We have employees who are single mom’s that run a contract averaging about 3 hours a day that is able to fit their busy schedule. We also have those that have a full schedule which averages to a normal 40 hour work week which allows them to have full time work with us. We have the ability to find something that is suitable to what you are looking for when it comes to getting into the workforce with our company.

So if you are that type-A person that is wanting to go out and let loose that is looking to get into the mail industry through our company just follow the website to the Contact Us tab to see where you could be a potential fit for our company. Under that tab you will have the ability to tell us a little about yourself which will give us the ability to gauge the best fit and position that would be best suitable to what you are looking for. You will have the ability to choose whether a carrier, local supervisor, or traveling manager/supervisor would be the best option that you think you would be suited for. We encourage all our applicants to be upfront and honest to what they are looking out of applying for a job, so that way we have the ability to determine where you can fit in with us! We look forward to receiving your application and inquiries to be able to start potentially working with you and joining our team!