Noble Bay Equities provide many services for three United States Nationwide. Our purpose for the United States Postal Service is to contract delivery service routes. These contracts allow us to deliver mail just like all rural carriers do. some people don’t know but the postal service contracts over 11,000 Melrose to the private world. A wide variety are contracted to individuals while some are too businesses just like ours. We have a little over four dozen contracts with the Postal Service. that allows us to deliver US mail.

We strive for our employees in our mail delivery jobs to deliver mail seamlessly and without any damage to the packages or mail. We want nothing but the best customer service when face to face with any of our employees. We strive to do nothing but create a safe environment for all of our employees and customers. We deliver from the West Coast to the East Coast. We have been in the delivering business since 2008 and want to be in business for another 20 years, and that’s not possible without our customers or employees.

Although most of our routes are in the rural area we deliver on some of the same routes as the US Postal Service as well. Some of our contracts are working with FedEx ground and home delivery. Our expertise and focus is on the transportation and delivering industry. We have many opportunities with Amazon and FedEx that we are seeking with multiple employees and locations. Our employees are our backbone and we completely understand that without them we cannot get our services done as effectively as we have.

Our employees May use Their personal vehicle or company vehicle. If any of our employees use a personal vehicle we pay to lease the vehicle. Each contract is based on its needs and the employees’ needs as well. With our business having over 50 contracts with you Postal Service to deliver us mail, we service approximately $12,500 customers and we have mainly focused in Rural America. It has been quite the journey but we strive to continue to provide great customer service, and to be better every day!

Our managers are a key factor and why the business and employees have continued to succeed. They have so many responsibilities and are trusted every day to make sure that things function properly. Not many people understand how Focus is put into getting all male and packages delivered to each route without any mistakes. We deliver over 2,000 packages and mail daily so it takes a lot of focus and determination to get all packages delivered. If our employees get back to the post office early they are still paid for an entire day’s wage, and this allows for no idle unnecessary socializing while working, driving, or Distractions inside the post office. If you would like any more information about our company or our services Feel free to give us a call at 251-978-9588. You can also find out more information on our website GODPROFIT.COM

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What some people may not know about our mail delivery jobs is that we are a Christian based company and our goal is to be good stewards of God’s word and provision. We hire and treat people according to how we would like to be treated. This has given us the website and reminder of Our business started in 2005 with only one contract and now we have over 50 in the years that we have been in business. We take pride in the service industry and our US Mail delivery recipients. We also pride ourselves in providing excellent work with our over 40 postmasters.

One thing that we know about our mail delivery jobs is that our customers need their mail delivered on time and without damage six days out of the week. We take pride in that and we use judgment of weather to keep our employees safe and out of harm’s way.The USPS has contracted work to help deliver for UPS, fedex, amazon, and many others. Although we deliver Nationwide most of our routes are and we will America and we love our flyover states. We pride ourselves in following the rules and regulations that were given to us by our various entities that govern our work.

We strive to deliver every piece of mail and packages every single day with our mail delivery jobs! This is simply what we are hired to do and we want to do it as efficiently and as effectively as we can. We even deliver medicine and life Essentials to people Nationwide. We take great pride in getting this done. With our many contracts and delivery and mail movement from one post office to another post office. This usually requires bigger trucks in which we operate under our own DOT number and federal authority.

We encourage our employees to get back to the office as quickly and as safely as possible. We also encourage efficiency as well. We cannot work in this field without working effectively. One thing our employees love about our job is that we pay for the entire day’s work even if you get back early. Our goal is to make sure our employees earn a larger dollar per hour. We make sure that all of our employees are equipped with the right tools, and training to do their job to the best of their ability.

We provide many services but with those many services we maintain a great customer service because we know without you guys as customers our business would not be able to stay afloat. We will continue to provide top quality service and continue to deliver on time with no damage to mail or packages. We have many responsibilities with the United States Postal Service but a lot of our focus is in Rural America. As our business grows so allow services. if you need any more information or would like any more information feel free to call us at 251 978-9588 or check out our website GODPROFIT.COM.