Noble Bay equities mail delivery jobs provide services to the United States Postal service. Our purpose is to contract delivery service routes. although these contracts deliver mail just like a rural carrier does. We provide delivery of specialized products offered by the usps, magazines, packages, and mail. Sometimes even certified letters, Express deliveries, even priority mail. all of our employees are provided with scanners that the USPS uses for state-of-the-art transmitted information through the internet. employees have the option to choose to use their personal vehicle and we pay to lease and use the vehicle. Each contract is based on its needs and the employees.

consistency is key with our mail delivery jobs. Our Postal Service contracts out over 11,000 mail routes to the private world. We service tens of thousands of customers and focus mainly in Rural America. Our main objective is to deliver our packages and male seamlessly. We want to keep our postmasters happy. This requires our company and employees to have excellent customer service along with consistency with delivery times and free from errors. Our expertise is in the transportation industry and delivering is our expertise. Our company provides steady work year around to typically supplement a family income so that our employees are able to work efficiently and effectively.

As our business continues to grow with mail delivery jobs, we hope to have contracts with many more companies around the world. We will always continue to strive to elevate our business and our employees. giving our employees the right tools and training to work to the best of their abilities. We always make sure that our employees have proper training before sending anyone out on their own. We are a Christian based company that continues to grow and we give all glory to God. Without God we would not be able to Prevail as fast as we have.

We glorify God and are always thankful for provision. We want our company and employees to be good stewards of his provision. We hire and treat all of our people the way that we would like to be treated. This is what has given us the website Godprofit. Noble Bay equities Has always strived to provide a safe working environment for all of our employees. We want nothing more but for our employees to be able to work quickly, efficiently, and safely as well. We look to the Bible for guidance and treating customers, postmasters, and people would respect.

Our founder Craig Jennings has worked in the delivering industry for 16 years and various management capacities. classically trained as an industrial engineer, but also has a skill for work measurement, and setting up gray operating plans. Craig Jennings understands that without great work etiquette and Customer service there would be no business. We expect our employees to be the same way. Of course things can be difficult at times but a positive mindset, and consistency are key. Feel free to give us a call at 251-978-9588 for any more information or just take a look at our website GODPROFIT.COM.

Mail delivery jobs| Employees

With our mail delivery jobs, our main focus is to provide a structured work environment for our employees. Without an environment that is safe and structured, we understand it can be hard for our employees to work and get their job done. We strive to be reasonable with our employees and their home situations. Some of our contracts allow for flexibility. We have employees that are parents that start later and get kids to school or we have flexibility schedules for parents to start early and finish early to pick kids up from school. Most of the time we hire a route manager that has the flexibility to work 6 days a week and share the job with someone.

With our mail delivery jobs, sometimes a relative outside of the household and sometimes even a friend share a job and steady income with their route manager. The amazing thing about this is it allows for any weather that may slow you, or whatever the curveball might be. Our employees are the backbone and Secret Sauce to our company. without you guys our business would not be able to function properly. Our employees are just as important as the CEO position.

Our mail delivery jobs employees are the main reason our business is still afloat. We pride ourselves with making sure our employees have proper training to do their job efficiently and effectively. that includes working and Harmony alongside a United States Postal Service employee. We make sure that our employees are equipped with the right tools and knowledge to continue to grow our business. Believe it or not it can be Stressful delivering over 2,000 pieces of mail and packages on each route daily. That is why we make sure to have proper training. Our employees must stay focused and remain at a steady pace to get all packages and mail delivered without any mistakes.

Our main objective is to keep our postmasters happy, and to deliver mail seamlessly. We have been in the business of delivering and moving mail since 2008. without our employees we understand we cannot grow as a company. Some of our employees have moved to the States to Live and love the small towns they are working in for the most part. whether they were born there or moved there for more job opportunities with our business. Our company provides steady work around the year and typically supplements a family income.

As our company continues to grow we strive to create more positions for our employees to grow in the company and to allow them to make a larger dollar per hour. hard work in the company is not unseen and is always noticed. We do appreciate each and every employee that has come to work with us over the years. With our work environment being structured and safe, we have employees that have worked for us for over 10 years.