Are you still looking for mail delivery jobs? If so, allow me to provide you with more information on God profit. We are a Christian based company that looks to give the utmost respect, and always looks to the Bible for guidance. We deliver mail daily to 13,000 customers all over the US daily! Our business started in 2005 With only one contract. here we are 50 years later and now we are a nationwide business. We strive to maintain a safe work environment so that our people can make it back safely to their families.

Not very many people understand the importance of mail delivery jobs, but we do! We want nothing more than to provide our people, customers, Etc with quality and consistent service. We understand that our customers need their mail delivered efficiently, and without damage six days out of the week. The great thing about our mail service is that no matter the weather, we will always strive to be consistent. We are a nationwide carrier and we deliver from the west coast to the East Coast.

With our mail delivery jobs being Nationwide, we have many routes and Rural America although we do love our flyover states as well. We provide the last mile service for our rural competitors as well. We often deliver medicine, and other essentials to our people. Although it’s what we are hired to do, we take pride and getting it done.We also understand that we wouldn’t be able to get these things done without our reliable, and dependable employees. Our goal is to help our employees Earn a larger dollar Per hour.

Here at God profit we hire employees to work in harmony with actual US mail carrier employees to ensure efficient, reliable training. We use a wide variety of Employee vehicles that we provide an excellent lease back on! In some cases we do use company Vehicles as well. There are many ways we try to take into consideration that our employees need reliable company vehicles to get the job done.We understand that our employees are our backbone and secret sauce if you will. Many of our employees have been with us for 10 plus years! With that being said, we will always make sure to value our employees, and continue to treat them with nothing but respect and loyalty. We understand that without our employees, our company would not be able to excel effectively.

Although most delivery jobs are the same, we strive to be better, and excel in any way we can. We look to God for guidance in our company, employees, and work environment. We have also contracted to help some of our competitors like Ups, fedex, and even Amazon! Even after 50 years of consistent business, we do understand that we have more goals to reach. Thank you to all of our customers, employees, and most of all God. If you’re needing any additional information feel free to contact us at 251-978-9588 or GODPROFIT.COM

Mail delivery jobs | Here To Help

As we’ve told you all previously about our mail delivery jobs, we started with one contract! It has not been an easy Journey for our business but it definitely has been a great one. After 50 years of business we are still here to help! Although we deliver to 13,000 families a day, we are happy to be consistent. We encourage efficiency and getting back to the post office as quickly and safely as possible. Our employees are what keep us afloat. With that being said we are here to make sure they are provided with great, and effective training.

Most mail delivery jobs are the same, but here at God profit we strive to be different. What we mean by different is effective, reliable, presentable, and trustworthy. This helps our business and employees in so many different ways. It allows our employees to be more effective on the job, and Stay more consistent with work. It also allows our customers to be reassured that their packages, and mail will be delivered efficiently with no damage.

Just like most other mail delivery jobs, it takes a lot of focus and energy when delivering packages. Sometimes we deliver over 2,000 packages on each route! Although it can be difficult sometimes we do understand that we have a job to do and customers to please. That is one reason we strive to help our employees make a larger dollar per hour. One of the reasons that we do that is to ensure that our employees are working effectively with no unnecessary socializing. This allows for our employees to stay focused as it is very difficult to deliver packages, and mail without any mistakes on each route.

As we continue to strive to be better in our business, we understand that none of this would be possible without our customers. Our mission is to be closer to God and always remember to always take great care of our people. With everything going on in the world today, the last thing you should have to worry about is a late, or damaged package/mail. We hire and treat people fairly and the way that we would like to be treated. We do understand that it is hard to work in an Environment that is unsafe or where you aren’t wanted. We strive to keep a safe and inviting environment.

As we have entered a new year, our priorities are still the same! We will continue to provide our people great mail delivery services. God has definitely blessed us with the ability to continue to grow. Although we have been in business for 50 years, we would love to be in business for 50 more! not many other delivery services pride themselves in getting their customers their packages/mail In a timely manner with no damages.As long as we are in business we will maintain our company at the highest standard. please check out our website GODPROFIT.COM Or contact us at 251-978-9588