Craig Jennings mail delivery jobs started in the transportation industry when he was out of high school. a lot of people don’t know but he worked for ups for 16 years! He has also worked in various different management capacities. I guess you can say he loves the transportation business! He has always been very hard working and Consistent with his work. He has even had business Contracting FedEx Grounds And home delivery. Although his business is doing very well, he understands that all glory is given to God!

With the work ambition that Craig Jennings has in mail delivery jobs, It was only a matter of time before his business took off. Not many people understand how difficult it is to run a mail delivery service. That didn’t stop Craig Jennings one bit! As long as he had God he understood that his work wouldn’t go unseen. He was also Classically trained as an industrial engineer, and has an amazing way of setting up operating plans. Although things were very difficult at the beginning, that did not stop Craig jennings. his ambition and drive is unmatched by anyone in his field.

Although mail delivery jobs can be draining, Craig Jennings understood how important it was to get his people their packages/mail. Although our mission is to glorify God and be thankful for our provision, we also want to give our thanks to our customers and contractors as well. Without you guys this business would not be able to thrive the way it has been. There’s no doubt that Craig Jennings is definitely a hard worker, but he is also a family man as well, with three daughters and two grandkids. He loves his family and Jesus.

Here’s a little more about his managing members. Andy Cunningham Was a four-year starting athlete for his football team at New Mexico State University. Not only was he on the football team but he also studied business administration and Criminal justice. After college he stumbled into the restaurant industry as a manager for Boston’s restaurant and sports bar. After the Kobe pandemic is when he met Craig Jennings, where he worked for one of his carriers and Alliance Texas. From that point he accepted the position and moved to the Gulf Shores. He didn’t realize when he moved that there were plenty of opportunities for him to grow in the business. He began to work his way up the chain of command and after years of hard work he is currently a managing partner and CFO Of Noble Bay Equities in Noble Bay Holdings. He’s quite the adventurous guy, he likes being out in nature riding his bike, and hunting.

Melanie Duncan was a subcontractor back in 2013 when she first started, owning four of her own routes. in 2019 she got a huge opportunity to arise, so she decided to join Noble bay, and relocate to the Gulf Shores in Alabama. 4 years later and she’s a managing partner. Melanie is definitely a family woman as she spends most of her free time with her family and her son. Even though Craig, Andy, and Melanie are all successful, they still understand the concept of continuing to grow. If you have any other questions or concerns you should check out our website GODPROFIT.COM or contact us at 251-978-9588.

Mail delivery jobs| What to expect

We understand that mail delivery jobs can be pretty complicated with the routes and things of that nature. That’s why we will ensure that you get the best training possible. Things can be difficult at times but understand that efficient, honest work is the best work. We are a Christian company and glorify to be good stewards of his provision. there are many ways to grow in our company and with hard work, who knows where you could be in our company in the next 10 years!

We hire employees to work mail delivery jobs in harmony with US mail carrier employees. We understand that our workers must work efficiently and productively. We try to minimize conversation, and focus on the job at hand. Believe it or not it takes a huge amount of focus not to make any mistakes with over 2000 pieces of male/packages. We encourage efficiency and getting back to the office quickly but as safely as possible. Just remember that working with God profit we are a Christian based company and our employees do impact our business. We expect great energy, and respect on every route.

Like most mail delivery jobs our main objective is to deliver the mail seamlessly. We always want our postmasters happy. Although this requires excellent customer service along with consistent work, we will always strive to keep our people happy. Delivery times are another thing that matter most to us. We will always try our best to assure that all male, and packages will be delivered on time and free from any errors. We have been delivering and moving mail since 2008. All of our employees are provided scanners that the USPS used to ensure state of the art information is transmitted. We’ve got contracts that move mail from post office to post office. Typically this is done in larger box trucks.

Our employees have the opportunity to use a company vehicle or we can pay to lease and use the employees personal vehicle. We service approximately 12,500 customers and we are hoping to gain more every year. With your help we can definitely reach more. We value each and every employee just as much as we do our customers. We have about 11,000 male routes to the Private world that the postal service contracts out. We are a nationwide company but we service mainly in Rural America.

With that being said we hope that our employees will continue to help the company grow and remember that you all are a reflection of the company. The way our customers view you is the way our customers will view the company. continue to strive to be better and treat the company as if you are the owner. As the years go by we hope to reach more customers worldwide. With your help and services as an employee, we know it’s not impossible to grow more and more. wanting more information? call 251-978-9588 or check out our website GODPROFIT.COM