Craig Jennings is an expert when it comes to hard work in mail delivery jobs. He spent his first 16 years at UPS as soon as he finished high school. He spent a lot of his time in various management capacities. He was classically trained as an Industrial Engineer, but he also had skill for work measurement and setting up operation plans. Something that some people don’t know about Craig Jennings is that he has also had businesses Contracting for FedEx ground and home delivery in the over the road industry and Hot Shots. It’s safe to say that he loves the transportation industry. He has three daughters and two grandkids. Let’s not forget that he loves Jesus and his family.
Andy Cunningham is one of the managing members for Noble Bay Equities mail delivery jobs and was quite the football athlete as a four-year starter at New Mexico State University. He also has received two Bachelor degrees while attending the university. one in criminal justice and the other is in business administration. Out of college he got into the restaurant industry as a manager at a sports bar. After the covid pandemic he found Craig Jennings where he subbed for one of his carriers and Alliance Texas. Andy spoke with Craig and accepted a position as a carrier and relocated to the Gulf Shores, AL. With all of his hard work over the years he is currently a managing partner and CFO of Noble Bay Holdings and Noble Bay equities.

Melanie Duncan owned four of her own routes in Oregon with mail delivery jobs and was a subcontractor for the Postal Service in 2013. An opportunity arose in 2019 and she decided to join Noble Bay and relocated to the Gulf Shores of Alabama as well. 4 years later she is a managing partner and also works in human resources for the company. Melanie enjoys spending her time with family and is her son’s biggest fan under the Friday night lights. She is very hard-working and consistent with her work. She is a key reason why the company is continuing to grow effectively.

The company is growing so efficiently and effectively I guess you can say that Craig Jennings definitely chose his managing members wisely. with Melanie Duncan being a hard working Woman helping the business stay afloat and maintain its structure, That allowed the business to grow tremendously. Andy Cunningham is a huge bag bone to the company and with him working his way up the chain of command over the years, He’s become a huge factor to the company. his work etiquette and strong business mindset is what allowed him to grow in the company and Obey equities and Noble Bay homes

With that being said Craig Jennings had the mindset and intentions of making a huge and successful business. He hired two great managing members and they all decided to work together to help grow the business effectively. These three are prime example of hard work that definitely pays off! make sure to check out our website GODPROFIT.COM Or feel free to give us a call at 251-978-9588.

Mail delivery jobs| What we offer

Here at Noble Bay equities we offer many different mail delivery jobs. We even work alongside US mail carrier employees. We delivered some of the same routes that rural carriers deliver. Sometime over 40 years ago the USPS Diversified and contracted their work to many different companies for different reasons. We have been providing just about all the same Services as US mail carriers for nearly 20 years. With our customer service and great employees we have been able to deliver mail efficiently and effectively for nearly two decades now. We are a nationwide carrier that provides services from the east coast to the west coast to the East Coast.

With our mail delivery jobs our employees are able to work with their personal vehicles and we even Pay to lease them. Of course you may use our company vehicle as well. Our company also is very understanding with parents as we offer flexible schedules for parents to be able to pick up their kids from school. Just to give you an idea on what that looks like, some parents are able to start later and get their kids to school early or start late and finish early. Sometimes we hire a route manager or employee that has flexibility to work six days out of the week, or that could share the job with someone. usually it’s a husband and wife that shares it. Sometimes it could be a relative outside of the household, or just friends sharing a job and steady income.

One of our main objectives with our mail delivery jobs is to deliver the mail seamlessly and effectively so that we can keep our postmasters happy. This also requires Excellence customer service along with consistency when delivering on time and free from errors. with us being in business delivering and moving mail since 2008 it’s been quite the journey. Our people live and love the small towns that they are working in.

We’ve also had contracts working with FedEx ground and home delivery with our mail delivery jobs over the years. The transportation industry is our expertise and our focus. In addition to us working with FedEx we are seeking opportunities with Amazon and some of our locations with multiple employees as well. we will capitalize on the fact that we are in that area. Noble Bay equities also provides some service to the United States Postal service. One of our purposes is to contract delivery service routes.

We also provide delivery of mail, magazines, packages, and other specialized items offered by the United States Postal service. We’ve also acquired contracts to move mail from one post office to another. with this type of work it usually is done in larger box trucks and typically in early morning. We also move Large containers of packages, flats, mail, and magazines. You can get more information by calling us at 251-978-9588 or check out our website GODPROFIT.COM