We are the best of us if you are looking for a mail delivery jobs.. Here GPC we pride ourselves on being a Christian and top notch company. There’s a reason why so many people want to come work at our company. customers depend on their mail carriers each day. with the addition of Amazon vaccinating that Reliance is on the carrier which is increased. being proactive instead of reactive is so important when you are looking for a job such as this

Mail delivery jobs can be extremely hard and difficult to find these days. That’s why we want to offer you the best opportunity of a lifetime. Employees are referred to drivers, carriers, team members, and employees. customers depend on their mail carries each and every single day. with the addition of Amazon packaging that Reliance is on the carriers which has increased. The great news is that one of our supervisors or super star drivers will train you to do the job so you will not be alone. We have found that on the job training is the most effective and efficient form of training.

Is there a reason why you’re looking for a mail delivery jobs? you don’t want to miss an amazing opportunity of working for GPC.. the smallest route that we have to offer is less than 6 miles per day and the largest is nearly $200 miles per day. We also give out flexible hours if this is something that you are looking to do on the side as a side hustle. We also pride ourselves on being a family oriented company that gives you the flexibility from a work and home life balance. Customers depend on our mail carriers each and every day this is important because this is a great career to get in. you always need mail carriers.

Our mission at GPC is 100% to glorify God and be thankful for all the provisions. We are a christian-based company and look to the Bible for our guidance and treating people, customers, postmasters. technically we pride ourselves on following the rules and regulations given by various entities that we know absolutely work. We also understand that our customers need their mail delivered on a schedule without damaging 6 days per week. often we deliver medicine in life Essentials to people. this is why we are making a difference in people’s everyday lives

While GPC oversees your route sometimes we split our routes 50/50. That’s so regardless if you miss work it’s your responsibility to cover the route. Sick? call you back up. Going out of town? call your backup. realize this works both ways. We focus on being proactive instead of reactive. with riding 15 states that are reinforcements to be shipped to the moment’s notice. If you are an awesome and reliable person you should absolutely apply and check us up on the web at GODPROFIT.COM or can give us a call at 251-978-9588. and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Mail Delivery Jobs |Rural Mail Carriers


If you only know about someone who is looking for a mail delivery jobs in your area then look no further. We are the best rural mail carrier in your area! Our goal is to help our people in a larger dollar per hour number. We encourage efficiency and getting back to the post office as quickly and safely as possible. Believe it or not it takes a lot of focus to get sometimes over 2,000 pieces of mail and packages delivered on each route each day without making mistakes.

Here at GPC we are by far the best when it comes to Christian based mail delivery jobs. We at GPC look to the Bible for our guidance on how to treat people, customers, postmasters, secondly your pride ourselves in following the rules of regulations given us by various entities that govern our work.

We use a combination of employee vehicles to make sure that we are delivering the most effective mail delivery jobs. We also have many contracts in the delivery or mail movement from the US Post Office to other US Post offices. It generally requires large trucks and we operate under our own dot numbers. We use a combination of employees to Pride our company on the best assets which we are relatively dependable employees.

A little about our founder Craig Jennings he worked in the transportation industry since he was young and out of high school. He’s been in his first 16 years at ups. He loves the transportation business. and all in all be over the road industry and hot shots. Most importantly he has three daughters and two grandkids and he loves her in his family. What a stand-up guy! We also understand that our customers need their mail delivered on a schedule and without damage six days a week. We hire employees to work in harmony with actual US military employees. We deliver the same routes Royal carriage delivers. See what others are saying about us online and other testimonies from the staff that we already have on site. We have changed some of the lives of our current staff workers and their testimonies that they have posted on our web page speak nothing less from that. We really do take pride and serving our US mail delivery receipts but also providing excellent work for over 40 postmasters. We are the people that know all about how to do some things in a super duper fine way for you.

We are a nationwide carrier and provide service from the West Coast to East coast. Many of our routes are in Royal American and we love the flyover states. If you or someone who knows interested in learning more about getting a mail delivery job please don’t hesitate to reach out we will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have you can contact us and look us up on our website at GODPROFIT.COM or give us a call our phone number is 251-978-9588.