All Mail delivery jobs employees must know that we pride ourselves with our customer service and keeping our postmasters happy. Our customer service is one of our main priorities on the job. We strive to maintain an honest and safe work environment. We want all of our employees to make it home quickly and safely. Our Customer Service reflects on how the business is seen in the customer’s eyes. if you cannot provide the customer with great service, it reflects on the business poorly. There are so many ways to grow in the company and the best way to do that is with great service.

We are a Christian based company and we expect our mail delivery jobs employees to address their job in the same way. There are many ways to provide a customer with great service. Always remember to smile and to treat everyone you come across with respect. We take our jobs very seriously and so should you. We treat all of our employees with respect. Our customer service can make or break our company so it is up to you to maintain a positive attitude at all times while out in the field.

We do understand that our mail delivery jobs employees are our backbone and without you guys we could not function the company. With that being said, we do have very high expectations for all employees to make sure that their service is top of the line. Speak with integrity and as a leader. great service does not go unnoticed. allow yourself to grow and be the best you can be, and it will show in the way you carry yourself in the business. Treat the business as if you are the owner and that will take you further than you can imagine.

Great customer service will allow you to not only grow as a person but grow in our business as well. We hire employees to work with actual mail carrier employees. We deliver the same routes that most rural carriers deliver. There are various ways to maintain great customer service, such as integrity, respect, morals, and a great personality. always make sure to respect our customers. never forget to speak with integrity and always remember to smile and have a great personality. We understand that as humans we do have bad days, but we have to remember in the work environment we cannot bring our personal problems to work.

poor customer service will not be tolerated and will result in termination over time. You as an employee are a key factor to why our business is growing and with poor customer service we can lose contracts. As a christian-based company we take pride in being good stewards of God’s provision and making sure that we follow in his footsteps as much as possible. as we glorify God and we are thankful for his provision that is a reason we strive to have amazing customer service. If you feel like this is something you can maintain or would like to know more information on you can contact us at 251-978-9588 or check out our website GODPROFIT.COM.

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Noble Bay equities has been around for nearly 20 years doing mail delivery jobs and has acquired over 50 contracts over the years. Although we have started with one contract we were very determined to excel. We take pride in providing excellent work for our over 40 postmasters. We are a nationwide carrier that provides services from the east coast to the West Coast. Although we have been in business for nearly 20 years we still have the mindset to grow and Excel in our line of work. We have also provided the same Services as the US mail carriers for just about 20 years.

Our mission is to help our people who work our mail delivery jobs to grow in the business and earn pay raises over time. We encourage our employees to get back to the post office as quickly and as safely as possible. We encourage efficiency as well as safety so that our employees can make it back to their families safely. One great thing about our mail delivery service is that we pay the entire day’s wage, even if you get back early. There are plenty of opportunities for our employees to grow in the company as long as they continue to work hard and continue to show consistency. That is one of our main goals and we will continue to try and push our employees to excel.

We use a combination of employee vehicles and we even provide an amazing least back on the vehicle for our mail delivery jobs. In some cases we also provide work vehicles for our employees. We deliver over 2,000 pieces of mail and packages on each route so it is very important to work efficiently so that we make all deliveries without mistakes. Hear it Noble Bay equities we hire our employees to work in harmony with actual US mail carrier employees. We also deliver on some of the same routes as the rural carriers.

We understand that our services would not Excel without our employees. Our employees are our biggest asset in the company. without you guys we wouldn’t be able to excel the way that we do. That is the reason that we encourage our employees to have good working etiquette and to always treat our customers with respect and to have great customer service. Although we love our flyover states, many of our routes are in Rural America. We provide the last mile of service for our competitors. UPS and FedEx Are some of the companies that we help deliver.

With our company being Nationwide, we strive to continue growing our business and some of the other cities and states as well. We also have opportunities in our business for parents. some of our contracts include for parents to start later and get kids to school or to start early and finish early to pick them up from school. most of the time we hire an employee that has flexibility to work 6 days a week or share the job with someone else. if you need any more information or would like to know more about us check out our website GODPROFIT.COM Or you could give us a call at 251-978-9588