Our mission is to glorify God and be thankful for our provision. We strive to be good stewards of his provision. We hire and treat people fairly and the way we would like to be treated. This has given us the website and reminder of Godprofit.com

Noble Bay Equities is a US Mail Contracting Delivery Service provider. We deliver US Mail to over 13,000 customers daily nationwide. The business started in 2005 and we grew from one contract to over 50 over the years. We take pride in serving our US Mail delivery recipients but also providing excellent work for our over 40 postmasters. We strive to maintain a safe work environment so our people go home safe and healthy to their families.

We are a christian based company and look to the bible for our guidance in treating people, customers, postmasters. Secondly we pride ourselves in following the rules and regulations given to us by the various entities that govern our work.

We understand that our customers need their mail delivered on a schedule and without damage six days a week. The old slogan “Neither rain, nor sleet nor snow can stop us” is taken very seriously. While we use judgment to keep safe and out of harms way, we strive to deliver every piece of mail and packages every day. This is simply wh\at we were hired to do. Often we deliver medicine and life essentials to people. We take pride in getting this done

We are a nationwide carrier and provide service from the west coast to the east coast. Many of our routes are in rural America and we love the flyover states. In these rural areas we provide the last mile service for our competitors as well. The USPS has contracted work to help deliver for UPS, Fed Ex, Amazon and others.

We hire employees to work in harmony with actual US Mail Carrier employees. We deliver the same routes that rural carriers deliver. SOmetime over 40 years ago the USPS diversified and contracted this work out for different reasons. We have been providing the same services as US Mail carriers for almost twenty years.

We also have many contracts in the delivery or mail movement from the US Post Office to other US Post Offices. This generally requires larger trucks and we operate under our own DOT number and federal authority.

We use a combination of employee vehicles that we provide an excellent leaseback on. We also utilize company owned vehicles in some cases.

We pride our company on our best assets which are reliable dependable employees. They are the backbone and secret sauce to our business. Many employees have been with us for 10 years plus,

Our goal is to help our people earn a larger dollar per hour number. We encourage efficiency and getting back to the post office as quickly and safely as possible. We pay the entire days wage even if you get back early. This helps ensure the best service and no idle unnecessary socializing while working. Believe it or not it takes a lot of focus the get sometimes over 2,000 pieces of mail a\nd packages delivered on each route each day without mistakes.

Founder: Craig Jennings

Craig worked in the transportation industry since he was out of high school. He spent his first 16 years at UPS in various management capacities. Classically trained as an Industrial Engineer and has a skill for work measurement and setting up operating plans. He also has had businesses contracting for FedEx ground and home delivery, in the over the road industry and Hot shots. He loves the transportation business. He has three daughters and two grandkids and loves JESUS and his family.


Managing Members

Andy Cunningham
Andy received two bachelor degrees while attending New Mexico State University. One in Criminal Justice and the other in Business Administration. During his time at NMSU he was a 4 year starter and team captain for the football team. Out of college, he got into the restaurant industry working as a manager for Boston’s Restaurant and Sports Bar. After the COVID pandemic he found Craig where he subbed for one of his carriers in Alliance, TX. He spoke with Craig and accepted a position as a carrier and relocated to Gulf Shores, AL. After he relocated, he realized the opportunities that the company provided and worked his way up the chain of command. After years of hard work he is currently a managing partner and CFO of Noble Bay Equities and Noble Bay Holdings. In his spare time he likes being out in nature hunting and riding his motorcycle.

Melanie Duncan
Melanie started as a sub contractor for the postal service in 2013, owning four of her own routes in Oregon. In 2019 an opportunity became available and she decided to join Noble Bay and relocated to Gulf Shores Alabama. Four years later she is a managing partner and Human Resources. Melanie enjoys spending time with her family and is her son’s biggest fan under the Friday Night Lights. Go Dolphins!